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Dubai Traffic Fine List 2021

Latest Dubai Traffic Fine List 2021 is available here. Dubai has a strict rule for traffic and penalities for those who broke traffic fine. These penalities are in the form of Fine and License cancellation. If you are a driver and driving any vehicle in dubai like Car, Truck or any other vehicle, then must check the latest list of fine

All Experienced or new driver must know the list of these fines to protect yourself from fine. Well trained and experienced driver also need to check list because we will update about all new fine.

In today article, I will also Tell you who to check your traffic fine online and how to pay your fine. The discount of fine also announced by the Government of Dubai, So in this article I will also explained about these.

Dubai Traffic Fine List 2021

Latest Dubai Traffic Fine List 2021. See this List and must care about these rules and list to prevent yourself from fine and license cancellation.

ViolationFine AmountBlack PointAdditional Penalities
1.Endangering Road User LivesAED 20002360 days Confiscation
2.Driving Vehicle Without Number PlateAED 30002390 Days Confiscation
3.Sudden swervingAED 10004No
4.Traffic BlockingAED 10006No
5.Not Following Red SignalsAED 10001230 Days Confiscation
6. Not Following safe distance between vehiclesAED 4004No
7.Overtaking on the hard shoulderAED 1,0006No
8.Driving After Using AlcoholAED 20,0002360 Days Confiscation
9. Driving After Using Drugs or Similar other thingsAED 20,000060 Days Confiscation & License Cancellation For 1 Year

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